You may have heard the advice that it is always best to follow your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. This is true to an extent; but should be used as more of a guide. We advise your vehicle has a basic service every 10,000km or 6 months; whichever comes first. However, you should also take into consideration driving conditions, how the vehicle is driven, & the vehicle’s overall performance, to determine if a service is required earlier. Ask your mechanic if you have any questions regarding what is best for your vehicle.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what happens during your vehicle’s service, we outline the step-by-step process.

Why should I have my car serviced?

When your car is well looked after; it looks after you! You and your family’s safety on the road is our top priority. Wear and tear is inevitable, but don’t wait until your car is performing poorly, or you hear a strange noise. Think of a service as a general check-up for your vehicle. Necessary parts & components are replaced, & potential problems can be picked up before turning into larger & more expensive problems.

What is involved during my service?

  1. Road test: We take your vehicle on a road test & listen for any unusual noises, observe whether the vehicle is steering straight or if there is any steering wander, if there are any vibrations or brake shudder, & determine the overall engine performance.
  2. Safety check: Back at the workshop we test your vehicle’s safety features. These include checking all lights, wipers, washer jets, the horn & the handbrake.
  3. Battery load test is performed & we replace the lube sticker.
  4. Visual inspection: We carry out a visual inspection of the engine bay, air filter, drive belt, cooling system & spark plugs. We then test the brake fluid for moisture levels.
  5. Place the vehicle on the Hoist: We raise your vehicle halfway up the hoist & check the steering system, inspect for movement in rack ends, inspect suspension components, look for movement in ball joints, examine wheel bearings, inspect tyre condition (check tread wear & look for any bulges or cracks etc). We then remove the wheels, & inspect brakes, brake hoses & shock absorbers.
  6. Raise the hoist all the way up:  We inspect the undercarriage of the vehicle, the suspension, drive train & exhaust system.
  7. Drain engine oil: We drain the engine oil, replace the sump plug washer & replace the oil filter.
  8. Lower vehicle: Once the vehicle is lowered, we replace the engine oil, adjust all fluid levels under the bonnet (including the power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant level & windscreen washer fluid). Next, we re-fit wheels & torque the wheel nuts.
  9. Final test drive: Lastly, we take the vehicle for another test drive, to ensure it is running smoothly & safely.
  •  Approximately halfway through the service, we give you a call to let you know when your vehicle will be ready. We inform you if any additional work is required & ask you if you wish for us to go ahead.

Service you can trust

At Burleigh’s Mobile Mechanic we offer a Basic Car Service and a Major Car Service, depending on your vehicle’s needs. We service all makes and models. Our trusted & qualified technicians follow manufacturer guidelines & specifications, use quality parts, only the best oils and lubricants & our log book services wont void your new car warranty. Ask about our mobile service; we can pick up your car and drop it back to you when we are done. We strive to make our service convenient and hassle-free.

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If your vehicle is due for a service or you have any questions; contact one of our friendly staff today on 0412 161 776.