Summer may be over but we’re still seeing the mercury rising, with record temperatures across Australia. The heat not only takes a toll not on us, but also our vehicles. Here at Burleigh’s Mobile Mechanic, we’ve put together our 10 TOP TIPS to keep your car cooled in the hot weather so you don’t end up with an overheated car.  

1. Protect the Exterior & Avoid an Overheated Car

Your car’s exterior is the most exposed to the elements; and parking your car for long periods of time in the direct sun can damage your car’s paint work. A garage is the best option to park your car, then shaded or covered areas like carports or under tree . If you have none of these options during the day, invest in a good car cover.

2. Give your Car some TLC

Make sure you regularly include a wax every now and then when you clean your car. The wax will protect the paint form the harsh UV rays – much like a sunscreen for our skin.  

3. Protect the Car’s Interior

Prolonged sun exposure can cause bleaching and cracking to the dashboard. Investing in a sun shade will not only help to keep the interior temperature down, it will protect inside the vehicle. Applying a quality dashboard protectant or using a dashboard cover are other good options.  

4. Look after your Air Conditioner

Your AC will definitely get a work out during our hot Australian days. Make sure it is well maintained. The older the car, the more maintenance it will require. Ensure the vents are kept clean and clear, and top up the refrigerant if needed.  

5. Car Maintenance

Ensure your car’s services are up to date. Your mechanic will check all the fluid levels and top up where necessary; including the transmission, engine oil, differential and brake oil, change or clean the air filter, and have your vehicle running in top condition.  

6. Tyres

Improperly inflated tyres reduce your fuel economy and de-crease the safety of your vehicle. To find the correct tyre pressure for your car, look under the bonnet or on the label inside the door. Check the pressure when the tyres are cold because heat causes air to expand. When the tyres are hot during the warmer weather, you should add around 4 PSI to the recommended pressure to help with the extra strain on the tyres.  

7. Purchase a Solar-Powered Fan

A solar-powered fan is a simple way to expel hot air from your car. Winding down the windows a small amount, along with this simple device, creates constant air circulation and lowers the vehicle’s overall temperature.  

8. Check your Wipers.

Powerful storms after a sweltering day are not uncommon, and can dump a lot of water on your car. Can your windshield wipers handle the downpour? Invest in some good quality wipers and change them as soon as you feel they are not providing quality visibility.  

9. Protect your Family’s Skin

If you’ve ever touched a seatbelt buckle to your bare skin after your overheated car has been left in the sun on a hot day, you know it can feel as if you’ve been branded. Protect your little ones’ delicate skin, (and yours!) by keeping a towel or blanket on hand and getting into the habit of placing it over the seats (ensuring it covers the seatbelts) when you leave the car. A hand towel over the steering wheel (especially if you are not using a sun shade) will ensure the steering wheel is bearable to the touch when returning to your car.  

10. Be Prepared if you find yourself with an overheated car

The last thing you want is to breakdown on a blistering hot day. But it pays to be prepared. Check the spare tyre is inflated and always have an emergency first aid kit, a multi-purpose tool kit, a large bottle of water and some coolant in the boot for emergencies.   Want more great tips & information? Head over & like our Facebook page today; https://www.facebook.com/BurleighsMobileMechanic/